Thursday, September 27, 2007

Karen Baker Wonderful Demonstration

What an interesting lady! That is what Karen Baker tells me with her smiles, her pastels, her classical musical and her shining eyes.The Pastel Society of Tampa Bay was honored to have her as our demonstrator for our first quarterly meeting.

She used a homosote board covered in black cloth to give her bounce and a orange tinted piece of Wallis Paper.
She explained us that she likes to work large, but she generally makes a small study either plein air or indoors from a photo.

Karen started with dark colors or any color she felt it was good for the mood. She called it playing with color. She ended up picking up purples, oranges, red and mustard golds for the trees. She also spend quite a time developing the sky with analogous colors and layering the pastel in a way that seems the pastels were just barely kissing the paper.

Karen told us that we should experiment, get out of our comfort zone and enjoy.